Get to Know Top 2015 Recruit Jashon Cornell

Michigan has already landed two top 20 recruits in the 2015 class in George Campbell (WR/Tarpon Springs, Fl.) and Damien Harris. (RB/Berea, Ky.).
The number one ranked recruit of the class is strongly considering Michigan.
Jashon Cornell is from Saint Paul, Minnesota and attends Creton Derham High School. He is 6’3 and weighs 238 pounds.
Cornell is projected to be a weakside defensive end at the next level, but also plays outside linebacker, tight end, full-back, and even running back for the Raiders who finished the 2012 season 6-3 with a first round exit from the State Playoffs.
With all of his versatility, Cornell could play many positions at the next level, but he hasn’t decided which one he will focus on. He will continue to play five positions until he is told otherwise.
“I don’t know yet,” Cornell said about his college position. “It all depends on how my body looks during my senior year.”
Where does Michigan stand?
With 22 offers so far, Cornell is spending a lot of time talking to Michigan. Whether it’s weekly talks with Brady Hoke or a twitter conversation with Campbell and Harris, he is learning all there is to know about the University of Michigan’s football history.
After the Harris committed, he tweeted Cornell about joining the ’15 Michigan class.
“Join us man.”
Cornell said that Campbell and Harris tell him that they really want him to got to Michigan with them and to make Michigan a dynasty.
2014 Michigan commit Michael Ferns, “Just shock everyone and commit already.”
Despite only knowing each other on twitter, Cornell is becoming closer with the two leaders of the ’15 class.
“We’re building a relationship right now. Mine with George is pretty good and I’m starting to talk to Damien more.”
Campbell and Harris are only two pieces of the puzzle. Cornell would not complete the puzzle, but would be a great fit.
Cornell is pleased with the steps Michigan is taking to build a class to be able to compete with the SEC.
“It’s crazy. Michigan’s 2015 class might be the best one yet.”
Next week Cornell will release a top 10 list of colleges he is interested in attending.
Michigan and other Midwest schools like Notre Dame and Ohio State are expected to be on that list as well as Florida and USC.
No date is being set on an official decision for Cornell. He said it’s a matter of what feels right at the right time.
“Whenever I feel like I’m ready.”
All in the family
Cornell is not the only big name in his family. His older cousin is Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs. Suggs teaches Cornell the ways of being a defensive force and how to play the game the right way.
“He tells me to play every down like it’s your last,” Cornell said.
Cornell to visit Ann Arbor
Cornell is planning on attending an unofficial visit in Ann Arbor the weekend of the Notre Dame game Sept. 7 and will learn as much as he can about the Stephen M. Ross School of Business during his time in town.
A business school is something Cornell is placing at the top of his list as well as coaching staff and depth chart as most important features a school will need to have to get a commitment out of Cornell.
Cornell said he liked everything about Michigan’s program.

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