Quick Tidbit: Intriguing News as it Relates to an Army All American Game Participant

Hey guys.. just a quick tidbit of news to pass along to you guys.

Tonight I spoke with TWO current commits and they passed along notice of beliefs that we may be due a bit of good news a bit of a time after the Army All-American Game.  They both mentioned also that it is a GUT FEELING.

It was very intriguing for me to hear that come from these two, especially with the latest news tied to the specific player.

Remember though guys, much input from players come as the form in something you must take with a grain of salt, and is not 100% fact, but something that is passed along from a current commit(s) like this must be shared and definitely sticks out to me.  NOTHING IS GUARANTEED GUYS SO DO NOT FREAK OUT.  All I am saying is it is of a feeling of two commits that Michigan may be making an addition in the days/week(s) after the game.  My opinion contradicts their opinions, but it is something to take note of.

One hint I will leave is that TOP COMMITS KNOW EACH OTHER WELL.  I ask that you guys take this for what it is worth, but come the days after the game, maybe even a week or two. good news may finally be coming for the Wolverines.  I repeat these were gut feelings from two current commits,  but usually, good news follows..

From reading this you guys should be garner enough thoughts as to what may be about to occur. Putting it simply it may be a cloud of smoke around a cloudy recruitment, but the belief of several commitments is good news may be coming, or so the feelings of a couple current commits feel so.



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