A Day After… MSU Game Reaction

I’m sure anyone who reads this blogs knows that happened Saturday night in East Lansing, so there is no reason to write a recap. The love that Michigan is getting right now from the national media is over whelming, and even my idiot cousin who is a die hard Kentucky fan thinks we are the best team in the Big 10. I caution once again that the schedule ahead is really tough, but I can’t begin to explain how much I love the resolve this team has shown. Instead of getting emotional, I think I will just post some fun with numbers… I hope you enjoy!

The win Saturday was the 9th straight for Michigan, and their first 7-0 start in league play… Ever

Michigan has won 5 of the last 7 versus Sparty, assuring that the senior class at MSU will have a losing record against the Maize and Blue.

Michigan just finished defeating 3 top 10 teams in the last week. They are the first team since 1986-87 to beat 3 top 10 teams in consecutive games.

Michigan’s 4 road opponents so far are a combined 42-5 at home this season. Michigan has attributed for 4 of those 5 loses.

In Big 10 play Nik Stauskas is not only the leading scorer, but only trails Yogi Ferrell and that guy in Ohio for assists per game at 4.7… Nik is more than just a scorer and the world is finding that out. The guy simply makes plays.

Michigan out rebounded MSU 34-30… A key to the victory and something that rarely happens in East Lansing.

Michigan shot 57.9% from 3 and 83% from the free throw line Saturday. The hot shooting and sharing of the ball continues to be a major reason for their success.

Michigan fans, I hope you are enjoying and appreciating what you are seeing. The win at Wisconsin was basically the best road win in 60 years and all they did was repeat or top it on Saturday. This team has grit and genuinely seems to enjoy playing together. It looks like the Big Ten title is a legit goal now and the next six weeks should be a lot of fun. Regardless of what happens, this team has shown that it can play with anyone in the country, and if they remain confident they will be a very tough out in March… Go Blue!



State of the Season

It has been 2 weeks since my first State of the Season address, and in that time frame Michigan has gone 4-0 and been more impressive with each win. In the first installment I talked about how the main goal is to always win the Big Ten regular season above all else and how that should remain the goal even though the loss of Mitch McGary had  just occurred and the mood of the fan base was a bit deflated. I’m sure some of you read that and laughed, I know a few of my friends did. But 4 wins later and Michigan sits at the top as 1 of 2 unbeaten in the league and faces a huge opportunity when they travel to East Lansing Saturday night. This team, and this season has life! So let’s look at the details and how this recent run has changed how we are perceived on the national landscape.

Current Details 

Record: 14-4, 6-0 conference


Ken Pomeroy: 10th

Realtimerpi.com: 20th


Jerry Palm: 5th seed vs. Play-in game winner in South Region

Joe Lunardi: 4th seed vs. Mercer in East Region

Theses numbers have drastically improved since we first looked at them 2 weeks ago. The biggest jump is in Michigan’s RPI ranking, as it has gone from 57 to 20 with Michigan’s current winning streak. The tournament projections are interesting, as both have Michigan playing in the 4 vs 5 game during the 1st weekend. I’ve always preferred that seeding for Michigan instead of a 3 seed because if seeding holds up, it gives Michigan a week to prepare for a 1 seed in the Sweet Sixteen instead of only a day and a half. And as we saw last year, Coach Beilein puts together a great game plan when he has that much time. But this is still January and a lot can happen between now and then so I won’t get too far ahead of myself. But Michigan is definitely trending in the right direction and the numbers show that.

What To Watch For

As I wrote in this section last time, Coach Beilein and Michigan like to view the conference season as 3, 6-game intervals. I really believed that a 5-1 start would have been a huge success, so obvious this start is beyond expectations. The win at Wisconsin was season changing and I think it made the goal of winning the Big Ten much more plausible. But as I mentioned last time, this 2nd 6-game stretch is really difficult. Starting with the game Saturday, Michigan has 4 of the next 6 on the road, all against teams that traditionally give them trouble when they play them away from Crisler (MSU-Ind-Iowa-Ohio). The home games are Nebraska and Purdue, both of which have been exceeding expectations of late and Nebraska already took Michigan to the wire. My point is that we may be in for a rough stretch and I see 3-3 in this second 6-game stint as being a positive and would leave Michigan at 9-3 and very much in the hunt as they head to the final 6 games which are much more forgiving. So nobody panic if Michigan drops a few in the next few weeks or even goes on a short losing streak. Nobody goes unbeaten in a league this strong, and even last year’s National Finalist lost at Penn State. Michigan has gotten off to a great start and has a HUGE opportunity Saturday against a now short handed Michigan State squad. Let’s hope this team stays hot and continues to play with the confidence we have seen in the last month. If so, I think we will be discussing Big Ten title scenarios during the next State of the Season… Go Blue!


Addressing a Touchy Subject..

Walking down the halls of Cass Tech, you see a lot of things.  You see large, clean glass pane windows that embrace the supports of the building.  You see perhaps the nicest school in the city of Detroit.  You also see talent.  In summary, a prestigious school with a prestigious history.

Cass Tech has long been one of the premier schools in the state of Michigan along with CC, Brother Rice, OLSM just to name a few.  Cass Tech, to Michigan fans is best known for producing talent and being a big time pipeline for the University of Michigan in the last 10 years.  With this piece though we turn to a Junior who as of yesterday, was fully committed to the Wolverines rival, the Michigan State Spartans.

Everybody in the state knows who Jayru Campbell is.  Since his freshman year, he has been noted as one of, if not the top recruit for the state of Michigan for the 2015 class.  It’s not everyday a freshman QB steps into the spotlight at one of the premier football powerhouses in the state of Michigan, and wins back to back state titles in his first two years.

With his early success, he gained notoriety quick.  With notoriety came college attention and with that came offers and a bit of inter city fame.  Campbell talks about this here in this video.

As he mentioned, some top schools around the country came calling and just a few months ago he committed to Mark Dantonio and the Michigan State Spartans.

Fast Forward to a cold blistery day in November, where Cass Tech is coming off a loss in the state semis against Detroit Catholic Central, a private all boys Catholic School, in Novi; and a CC team whom they had seen the last two years prior in the playoffs, causing them to be a big time rival for the Technicians.

Cass Tech would go on to lose that game.  Jayru Campbell would be sacked and stripped with 49 seconds left by CC S Jack Van Acker, as part of a 28-0 onslaught, propelling CC to the state title game.  After the game, during handshakes this happened..

After that scrum, later that day Jayru tweeted that his father had been arrested and seemingly everything was downhill for a kid who may be the most talented football player in the state of Michigan for the 2015 class.


Let me establish one thing, nobody leads an easy life.  Detroit has been a part of rough times and with that, comes a tough struggle for kids who have greater aspirations than working in a factory in the city.  There is a desire to often get out, because of some of the struggles for the city within.  More often than not, Detroit has been known for producing high school athletes on the scholastic level; not grades or ACT scores.  These athletes that are produced know what they need to do to be successful and know they must keep their grades up to back their talent up.  For Jayru, grades weren’t the problem.

***NOTE**** I am not calling Detroit a bad place to live, I actually think it is beautiful in it’s own way, I am just noting that often it is tough for kids to get out of the city and many have athletics to help them escape.

Jayru Campbell from my talks with him before is a damn nice kid with a lot of talent.  I personally believe, all speculation at this point, that he has been through hell the last couple months.  From the constant pressures to succeed, to his dad being out of his life, things have not been good outside of football and it is nearly enough for ANYONE to crack.

Jayru Campbell will know he messed up, he will know what happened when he gets out and deals with legal problems, and more likely than not, the loss of any major scholarship he has.  This doesn’t mean send cruel tweets to him such as calling him an idiot or making fun of the situation.  If anything, you need to be supportive of this young man right now.  His friends, his family needs to support him and help him get through this with guidance/  I also believe that people need to show support for the security guard who was hurt and nearly could have died.  All jokes aside the young man could have severely hurt the security guard.

You as a person should feel for both people.  You should feel for Jayru because he needs guidance, regardless of what happened.  This kid has been through absolute hell lately and is now even more under a microscope than before.  Must I remind you, this young man has been under a microscope since he won a state title as a freshman at one of the premier schools in the Midwest.  Everybody has begun to come together in support of him, and they need to be there for him and guide him down the right path. You should also feel for the security guard because in a tough inner city such as Detroit, it is dangerous.  *NO STEREOTYPES*  Also, this man could have been severely hurt, he could have perhaps died if his head would have cracked open.  With that, whatever caused this to happen should not have gotten this serious.  Nobody knows what led to this, but the proof is in the pudding for anybody.

According to a FOX 2 News report in Detroit, Campbell is in custody on assault and battery charges.


This situation is about much much more than just football.  This is about a young man who has talent that few posses, and seems to be struggling outside of it.  This kid does not need to see how he messed up on his TL or be called everything but his name.  It’s not necessary to do any of that.  Sure, this will be in the news, but people should be more concerned about the health of the security guard and the status of exactly what is going on in the mind of this young man.  This kid has all the talent in the world to be successful, and although people would think talent overrules everything, talent does not overrule a need for emotional help and support.  This situation is sick, painful, and sad all in one, but one thing for certain is that the last thing people should worry about is football.  People need to come and support him, not bash him disgustingly on Twitter, with comments I could never even fathom.  IT is not okay what he did.  That has been established.  After the legal matters he faces he needs guidance.

Life is about more than just football in this case, it is about a young man in need.


Michigan at Wisconsin Recap

Michigan at Wisconsin

It was starting to feel like the other early season late collapses for Michigan… But with the 2nd half 15 point lead trimmed to 1 with only 1:30, Nik Stauskas found the matchup that he wanted and stepped back off a high ball screen and did what he does with confidence: He let it go… And Michigan took a 4 point lead and never looked back on their way to a 77-70 win at Wisconsin for the first time since 1999.  And as I write this recap I see the espn game day crew talking about the game and I hear Reece Davis say its Michigan’s first road win against a top 5 team since 1964. Wow… That really puts this effort into perspective… Just a huge effort from a team that had not forgotten the feeling from letting a big win slip away last season…

Look, I could sit here and crunch numbers all night and give you reasons why Michigan got this win. But the bottom line is that we shot the ball really well and ran Wisconsin off the 3 point line and forced them into a bad shooting night.  Caris was great tonight and an easy pick for player of the game.  His Big Ten career high 20 came in a variety of ways, but in the end you have to love the confidence and aggressiveness he played with tonight.  While Nik is clearly the go to guy late, having Caris and Glen create shots on their own is a huge boost to the offensive diversity of this team.

When you look at the long view of the season, this is a win that will change the expectations of this team and could be a season changing win that springboards this team to a special season. This was such a great team win tonight and possible the second best road win of the Beilein era (the Novak MSU blood game may never be topped).  Ken Pomeroy had rated this as our LEAST likely win left on the schedule, so I can’t over state how huge tonight was and how excited and proud we should all be as Michigan fans… Go Blue!

Wes Samons

Hello Coach Nussmeier

Welcome Wolverine fans! With all that’s happened the past couple days I thought we would go ahead and recap. First off I would like to say how big of a hire Nussmeier was. Huge get for the Wolverines. All the blogs I have been reading have had one consistent question which is what is going to change the most in the offense. Honestly, there is really only one thing, execution and he is going to run the ball. A lot. Coach Nuss is a proven winner with a phenomenal  track record who has shown he can win pretty much anywhere he goes. From his previous employers, they all say the same thing. He is a perfectionist who’s work ethic is unmatched. What I also believe has been unappreciated is how good of a recruiter he is. He is currently ranked the number one recruiter in the BIG10. Nussmeier was also in contention for the Washington Head Coach position so that should tell you how widely this man is respected. This is nothing but good news for the Wolverines.

Other News

Current Minnesota commit RB Jeff Jones seems to be showing more and more interest and Michigan and trust me the feeling is mutual. Jones was offered by Michigan shortly after his jaw dropping performance at the Under Armour game this month. Jones has an official visit to Ann Arbor scheduled for January 31. In the time I’ve spent watching his film, WOW. Jones has great speed and is a deceptively strong runner who is not afraid to lower his shoulder. Inevitably, I believe Jones lands in Ann Arbor and will be a force to reckon with by the time its all said and done. Stay tuned for more recruiting updates and Go Blue!

Matt Ray

Jabrill Peppers Film Breakdown

Class of 2014

Position: CB/ATH

Height: 6’1

Weight: 210

Since this is my first post, I’d like to explain a little bit how I’m going to be doing these film breakdowns. With each position, there are certain traits that those players must have in order to make them a complete football player. What I’ve done is picked out traits that I think are most important specific to positions as well as traits that are important to every position on the field. For example, Coverage is a trait that is vital to players that play in the back seven, but for offensive players, it has no value. On the flip side, Body is something that is important to every position on the field. Having the right size on the field can differ based on scheme and position, but the importance of it doesn’t change. Hopefully that’s simple enough, and if not, it should become clearer as you keep reading.

Alright, now let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Jabrill Peppers is an absolute freak. He’s one of those special talents that only come around every few years, and every school in the country is clamoring to get his signature. He’s a winner, plain and simple. Every year he’s been in high school he’s lead his team to a state title. It’s not just staying at one dominant program either, he started at Don Bosco Prep and won his first two there, and then after his sophomore season he transferred to Paramus Catholic where he would go on to win two more state championships. Jabrill has the skill to be elite on both sides of the ball at RB, WR, CB, or S. Let that sink in. He is one of the hardest people to tackle in the country and has also been raved about by every coach/media member that watches him. Just recently, he participated in the Under Armour All-America game and his coach, none other than former NFL coach and current ESPN analyst Herm Edwards, called him the best high school DB he’s ever seen. Remember Vernon Hargreaves? The same Vernon Hargreaves that dominated in this same game last year, locked up receivers in the practices leading up to it, and was named First Team All-SEC after his freshman season at Florida? Yeah, well apparently Jabrill is better. Suck it SEC.

Body: A+

Jabrill has the size already that has college and even NFL scouts drooling. It’s truly rare when you can find a big corner of his size, but can also move with the fluidity and speed that Peppers does. One big aspect of this is that he doesn’t have an ounce of bad weight on him. Many high school prospects will come in with a lot of work to do in the weight room, either to put on weight or to cut bad weight, but Peppers already looks the part of a college corner.

Athleticism: A+

This is where Peppers really separates himself from the pack. He has the versatility to dominate as any skill position on offense as well as any defensive position in the back seven. If that doesn’t speak to his remarkable athleticism, I don’t know what on earth would. Right now, Peppers is being recruited on the defensive side of the ball by Michigan, but in the future he could definitely have an impact on the offensive side of the ball as well. On film, he has the quick feet to stick with receivers and also leave defenders wondering why they’re diving into a whole lot of air, the strength to run over defenders and to plow through ball carriers, and the ups to either reel in a jump ball or break it up. Two-way athleticism at its finest folks.

Speed: A+

Many skill position players also bring their talents to the track, and Jabrill not only brings those with him, but also his winning ways. His junior season, he won the state title for the 100 and 200 meter dashes and nearly rewrote the record books, narrowly missing the mark by only tenths of a second. This speed is put to great use on the gridiron because it helps him stick with receivers running deep routes, and if he gets the ball in the open field, you hear the fat lady belting out her favorite tunes. Nobody’s catching him from behind.

Tackling: A

Nitpicking at it’s finest. Jabrill’s highlight tape is full of him absolutely crushing kids that are unlucky enough to be carrying the ball. Big hits make football that much more fun. However, a lot of times when players try to deliver that big, Sportscenter-type hit, they fail to wrap up. This is a big no-no in tackling. In high school, Peppers can get away with it because he’s bigger and stronger than everyone else, but once he reaches the next level, there are going to be certain players that have the balance and power to bounce off of those types of hits. Wrapping up on tackles is becoming a lost art in the modern era of football and it leads to more and more missed tackles. On Jabrill’s tape, there are plenty of instances where he, indeed, does wrap up and drive the ball carrier to the ground, but there are also times where he doesn’t, and that is the only thing that worries me, his consistency. We all love watching the big hit, but when Jabrill can bring his power (GOOD GRAVY he can rock people) while also bringing his arms with him to wrap up, people will think twice about bringing the ball to his side. Again, I don’t see this as a huge issue in his game right now, but it’s easy to fall into bad habits, especially since it’s a lot easier to get away with things like that in high school. Again, it’s just nitpicking, people.

Run Support: A+

Now, I know run support and tackling seem very similar, because in truth they are. The way I’m looking at it though, is a bit different. What I’m grading this is on is the ability to shed blocks, pursue the ball carrier, and recognize the play. I absolutely love Peppers’ instincts and play recognition on the defensive side of the ball. He is used as a LB, CB, and S, so he can make plays all over the field. As a LB and S he fills the hole hard and normally doesn’t allow for extra yardage, and he recognizes the play very quickly as well. One thing that stuck out to me when he plays CB is that he gets his hands on the receiver first. When a receiver comes out of his stance, he’s either going to run a route or come out to block. If the corner can get his hands on the receiver first, it becomes clear what he wants to do. When he’s coming to block, he’ll stay engaged with the corner, trying to keep him out of the play, but if he’s running a route, he’ll try and shed the corner and get back into his route. Peppers does a great job of reading his receiver, finding the ball, and taking great angles to make the play.

Coverage: A

Many of Jabrill’s defensive highlights are of him making big hits, so making a read on coverage, particularly man coverage, was a little tougher. As a LB and S, Jabrill is asked to play a lot of zone, and that is definitely an area where he excels. He has quick fluid hips that allow him to turn and run with any receiver that gets in his zone, and he has the awareness to know who’s in his zone and who to pass off. In man coverage, there wasn’t as much of a sampling, but he still flips his hips well in order to turn and run, and he definitely has the speed and agility to stick with anyone. When Herm Edwards lauds you as the best high school DB he’s ever seen, there’s not too much to argue with, he definitely has the potential of a lock-down corner.

Ball Skills: A+

Peppers is just one of the players that has a nose for the football. Whether it’s on offense or defense, when the ball is in the air, he’s going to come down with it or it’s going to the ground so the opposing player doesn’t. He has the ability to be able to time jump balls perfectly and, even though he’s no Spud Webb, he definitely has the jumping ability to climb the ladder and go get it. In zone and man coverages, he makes great breaks on the ball, whether it’s getting there before the receiver does and picking it off or being able to time a hit and break up the pass.

Football IQ: A+

This is one of the hardest traits for me to grade out based on film because it’s not as tangible as the others. Things like reading your keys, staying disciplined on assignments, and getting in position to make the play are things that I look for. Peppers is seemingly always in position to make a play for his team, and that makes him such a valuable asset because he knows where to be and what to do to make that play. He reads his keys, recognizes from there whether it’s a run or a pass, and then finds his assignment and sticks to it. These are all signs of an incredibly disciplined and well-prepared football player. One play sticks out to me the most though and it wasn’t on the defensive side of the ball. In his senior highlight tape, Peppers is lined up at WR and is tasked with stalk blocking the CB over him. Once the QB dumps the ball off to the RB, he takes off towards the corner of the endzone. Peppers is midblock, but realizes there is a more immediate threat to the ball carrier, so he disengages quickly and then pancakes the only defender that had a decent angle to make the play. Result of the play: Touchdown. It’s those kind of plays that assure my thoughts that Jabrill Peppers is an incredibly smart football player and knows how to put himself, as well as his teammates, in position to make plays.

Overall: A+

Jabrill Peppers has the potential to be a program changing player for Michigan. He’s the highest rated recruit to take the field for the Wolverines in years, and he’s done more than enough to solidify himself in that top group of elite prospects. The major thing that worries me is all the hype that is surrounding him. Too many people are expecting him to be the immediate savior of the program after it’s most recent, disappointing season. Does he have the talent to lead and help change this program? Absolutely. Is he still only going to be a freshman next Fall? Yes. The learning curve from high school football to D1 college football is steep, and mistakes are going to be made along the way. The good news is that Jabrill has the work ethic and drive to really perfect his craft and become the best player he can be. He wants to be the best ever and he has the mindset and determination that will make his fellow teammates want to follow him. This is one of Michigan’s most important pickups in the Class of 2014, and I can’t wait to seem him suit up in a winged helmet.

Thank you fans for the read, comment any thoughts, feedback, or questions, and Go Blue!

-Michael Dunn



Michigan Holds on in Lincoln

Nebraska went zone one too many times… After 2 free throws put them up 70-69 with under 35 seconds to go, Nebraska fell back into the zone that had caused 3 turnovers and 1 missed shot in 4 possessions in the 2nd half.  But this time Michigan was ready and as the ball reached Derrick Walton on the right wing he was aggressive and knew what to do, driving the baseline and hitting what turned out to be the game winning shot as Michigan escaped Lincoln tonight with a 71-70 win over Nebraska.

The Wolverines put 5 players in double figures and were led by Glen Robinson with 19. He was aggressive all night and showed his aria of skills by scoring on catch and shoot 3s, pull up jumpers and drives to the basket.  I have been on record before as saying that this team is only as good as GR3s aggressiveness, and nights like this are a great example. This was a great team effort, Stauskas was huge, Morgan played great again tonight and I’m thrilled with his play in his last season. But Robinson continues to be the key, and his play tonight for 40 minutes was a huge reason they got the win…

Fun with Stats

Michigan shot 62 percent tonight from the field (31-50) and put 5 players in double figures, which further supports the premise that this team is multifaceted but without a true “go-to” guy.

To further that point, Michigan was GREAT tonight sharing the ball, as they had 16 assists and only 9 turnovers. When you compare that to Nebraska’s 10 assists and 13 turnovers you get a better understanding of how Michigan was able to pull out the win.

One negative, Michigan was only 3-9 at the free throw line tonight and it nearly cost them the game as Nebraska had 3 chances to take the lead in the closing seconds after Derrick Walton missed his “And 1” opportunity on Michigan’s last possession.  I am not gonna call this a concern just yet until it becomes a trend. Generally speaking, Michigan is a good Free Throw shooting team…

Bottom line: Michigan won a road conference game and put 5 guys in double figures. I call that a success and can’t wait for Penn State to visit on Tuesday… Go Blue!!


State of the Season

From time to time throughout the season I think it’s a good idea to take a look at where things stand and what needs to happen to obtain the goals of the season as they change based on performance.  I don’t have to tell anybody that the #1 goal is to win the Big Ten Regular Season Championship. And while that goal may have seemed to take a serious hit with the loss of Mitch McGary, the reality is that Michigan has started 2-0 in conference and is one of only 4 teams that remain unbeaten in league play. I know that a conference crown seems like a long shot, but I’m sure the same could have been said 2 years ago and that season ended with Michigan in a 3-way tie for first, so for now I think this should be our top focus, along with an NCAA tournament bid.

Current Details

Record: 10-4, 2-0 conference


Ken Pomeroy: 21st

Realtimerpi.com: 57th


Jerry Palm: 10th seed vs. North Carolina in Midwest Region

Joe Lunardi: 8th seed vs. Georgetown in East Region

A quick glance at these numbers and projections shows about what we should expect based on the season so far. The Ken Pomeroy ranking is higher than expected and is a good sign, as the selection committee has started a trend of focusing as much, if not more, on his data as the RPI. The seeding projections are low, but expected due to Michigan’s lack of quality wins at this time. But with the Big Ten being one of the top 1-2 conferences again this year, there will be several opportunities for quality wins and an increase in seeding.

What to watch for

This section will have more details as the conference season grows and seeding/standing scenarios begin to take more shape.  As for now the focus is on winning games and everything else will take care of itself.  John Beilein likes to break down the conference schedule by 3, 6-game stretches. At 2-0 to start, Michigan hosts Penn State and Iowa and has trips to Nebraska (Thursday 9pm eastern) and Wisconsin to finish out the first third of the conference slate. A 5-1 start to that schedule would be huge, as the 2nd 6-game stretch is far more difficult.  Hopefully this team sees the trip to Nebraska as opportunity to take one step closer to the goal of a Big Ten Championship and will show up in Lincoln ready to play. If so they will leave 3-0 with all their goals still in front of them…

Wes Samons

Update 2: OC- Nussmeier

Two former Wolverines had reported as hearing the new OC was Cam Cameron. Now Michael Spath of TheWolverine.com reports that it is not Cam Cameron. Names to watch per the two players: Doug Nussmeier from Bama, 

At 43, Nussmeier has been a catalyst behind the magic at Alabama in their dominance, and has all the tools to put Michigan back on top. 

A power pro style guy, he will look to bring in more than likely his own coaches.

I am sorry for the confusion earlier, my source, a former star RB for the Wolverines had heard it may be Cameron, but made phone calls to those higher up in the program that confirmed it was Nussmeier.

As I mentioned I am trying to report what I am told. 

Go Blue! And Boy, oh boy the future looks bright!

Moe Ways and Ian Bunting Speak on the Firing of Al Borges

Just an update to the Al Borges firing at Michigan..

I spoke with 2014 TE commit, Ian Bunting, I asked him if Borges being fired has any affect on his recruitment, he said, “Nope! I am still 100% and excited to get up to Ann Arbor!”

I also asked Ian whether this should affect anybody else in the class and he stated, “To be honest I would not expect anything to happen.  We have grown really tight as a class and everybody is excited to get up to AA and be a team.”

This was reiterated with Moe Ways..

I also touched base with 2014 WR Maurice Ways, and he said simply and strongly, “Michigan is where I want and intend to be.”

Bunting and Ways figure to be two key components to a Michigan class in terms of offensive weapons and both figure to see early playing time if they can step on campus and make the most of their reps.

Just to mention, Wilton Speight, Freddy Canteen, and Mason Cole are all already on campus.

I was unable to get feedback from Juwann Bushell- Beatty, but the fact that two commits have come out to say they are still 100% is definitely good news for Michigan fans and encouraging news!