1/3 Recruiting Updates and Notes (Army All-American Game Surprise?)

It has turned out to be a very busy day in the world of Michigan Football. Here is a few notes and things you should keep your eye on.

-Michigan made some noise today when they offered 2014 RB Jeff Jones.  Jones, a current Minnesota commit, impressed a lot of people yesterday in the UA Game and really turned a lot of heads.  At one time, Jones was thought to be down to Florida and Minnesota, but with the recent offer, Jones has made it known that he will indeed be taking a HARD look at Michigan and visiting some time this month.  IMO Jones is a  favorable possibility to flip to the Wolverines, and Wilton Speight has made it known that he is in his ear, as is probably the rest of the guys who were down in St.Pete this past week.  Jones brings a dynamic threat to any backfield, and with a cloudy situation in the Michigan backfield, it is possible that Jones could potentially come in and see a bit of time while competing for snaps with Derrick Green and Deveon Smith among others. See his highlight film here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTqC5IBICXc ).  If I was a betting man, I would not be surprised to see Jones end up in Ann Arbor, but the visit he takes will be HUGE.  

-Earlier in the afternoon there was news that there could be a big shocker in San Antonio tomorrow, and after speaking with sources, I have confirmed that a player who fans would have never expected may very well end up in Ann Arbor.  Yes, it may be a smoke screen, but at the same time is definitely something to keep an eye on.  After speaking with a few people close to the situation it appears very likely that Michigan may be making an addition, and I will stick by my #BuckleUp tweet from earlier, yes this is a good thing.  Also, this is not about the same player I spoke about earlier in the week of which you can read here.  This addition will come as a surprise to many of you, and at first it shocked me, but is a big time addition and one that could have a positive effect for many reasons.  The player is a 2014 guy and someone who is ranked in the Top 50 by almost every major service.  This would also be a big win in the fact that to many, this would be a major STEAL for the Wolverines from a key rival.

-If tomorrow goes as planned and expected, I would not be surprised to see Michigan take 3 more total in this class including the decision tomorrow.

-DISCLAIMER NOTE: With the commit watch I mean that in fact I do believe an addition will be made.  As is with anything, there could be a sudden change at the last minute but I am almost 100% confident there is a big surprise due shortly with one more to come. 



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