Addressing.. Everybody

I am gonna keep this short and sweet and to the point.  Yesterday as we all know there was rumors that there could be a big addition.  I spoke with a fellow unnamed Michigan blogger after speaking to a couple people and I ran with the statement way too much and thus ended up with this situation.  

To mention, whom I talked to and what I did, I bought into the smokescreen.  That falls on me.  You guys have every right to rip into me on Twitter. It is what it is, not everybody is right about everything. Everyday people and even the experts get it wrong and that’s what happened.  One thing I will say is that you guys all need to calm down.  Michigan still has a top ten class.  There is the fair share of elite talent, and you must remember these are 18 year old kids we are talking about.  Things change and the overreaction is not necessary.  

Aside from that I will take all I have learned from this and not to buy into two or three people I talk to. That falls on me, and from it I can become better at what I do. A barrage of unfollows may be forthcoming and I guess so be it, I cannot beg you to read my information or stay in depth with our content. I am a 18 year old kid trying to learn the bends of this business and give you the information I HEAR and offer my opinions when I feel is just.  They may not always be right and with that I learn.  -Kyle


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