Al Borges out as OC

Just a few minutes ago, news broke that Al Borges will not return in 2014 as the offensive coordinator for the Michigan Wolverines.

In a University of Michigan press release, Brady Hoke said, “I have a great amount of respect for Al as a football coach and, more importantly, as a person.  I appreciate everything he has done for Michigan Football for the past three seasons.  Decisions like these are never easy.”


For many Michigan fans, this is the ultimate dream, something many have hoped for the last 4 months and even before.  

The fact is that yes, it could affect recruiting.  Fortunately, for Michigan, they already have their QB in Wilton Speight, OL Mason Cole, and WR’s Drake Harris and Freddy Canteen on campus.  Michigan should be good for the 2014 class as it stands as with the 2015 class, but now all attention shifts to who the next OC will be?

Dream Scenario: Cam Cameron.  

Dave Brandon likes to make noise and make that big hire.  (SEE: Greg Mattison)

Cam Cameron is a Michigan Man who knows the program well and would fit instantly, and someone who could develop Shane, Speight, and Devin into the ideal pocket passer.  Also he would bring a change in play calling that would not be so predictable.  Something many Michigan fans have glamoured for in recent memory.

One thing is sure, this is something nobody saw coming, especially with the fact that Hoke was on record as saying just a few weeks ago that there would be no coaching staff changes.  Now, Michigan needs to hire an offensive coordinator, and I fully expect the Wolverines to make a splash.

Question is: Who will it be?


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