Moe Ways and Ian Bunting Speak on the Firing of Al Borges

Just an update to the Al Borges firing at Michigan..

I spoke with 2014 TE commit, Ian Bunting, I asked him if Borges being fired has any affect on his recruitment, he said, “Nope! I am still 100% and excited to get up to Ann Arbor!”

I also asked Ian whether this should affect anybody else in the class and he stated, “To be honest I would not expect anything to happen.  We have grown really tight as a class and everybody is excited to get up to AA and be a team.”

This was reiterated with Moe Ways..

I also touched base with 2014 WR Maurice Ways, and he said simply and strongly, “Michigan is where I want and intend to be.”

Bunting and Ways figure to be two key components to a Michigan class in terms of offensive weapons and both figure to see early playing time if they can step on campus and make the most of their reps.

Just to mention, Wilton Speight, Freddy Canteen, and Mason Cole are all already on campus.

I was unable to get feedback from Juwann Bushell- Beatty, but the fact that two commits have come out to say they are still 100% is definitely good news for Michigan fans and encouraging news!


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