Michigan Holds on in Lincoln

Nebraska went zone one too many times… After 2 free throws put them up 70-69 with under 35 seconds to go, Nebraska fell back into the zone that had caused 3 turnovers and 1 missed shot in 4 possessions in the 2nd half.  But this time Michigan was ready and as the ball reached Derrick Walton on the right wing he was aggressive and knew what to do, driving the baseline and hitting what turned out to be the game winning shot as Michigan escaped Lincoln tonight with a 71-70 win over Nebraska.

The Wolverines put 5 players in double figures and were led by Glen Robinson with 19. He was aggressive all night and showed his aria of skills by scoring on catch and shoot 3s, pull up jumpers and drives to the basket.  I have been on record before as saying that this team is only as good as GR3s aggressiveness, and nights like this are a great example. This was a great team effort, Stauskas was huge, Morgan played great again tonight and I’m thrilled with his play in his last season. But Robinson continues to be the key, and his play tonight for 40 minutes was a huge reason they got the win…

Fun with Stats

Michigan shot 62 percent tonight from the field (31-50) and put 5 players in double figures, which further supports the premise that this team is multifaceted but without a true “go-to” guy.

To further that point, Michigan was GREAT tonight sharing the ball, as they had 16 assists and only 9 turnovers. When you compare that to Nebraska’s 10 assists and 13 turnovers you get a better understanding of how Michigan was able to pull out the win.

One negative, Michigan was only 3-9 at the free throw line tonight and it nearly cost them the game as Nebraska had 3 chances to take the lead in the closing seconds after Derrick Walton missed his “And 1” opportunity on Michigan’s last possession.  I am not gonna call this a concern just yet until it becomes a trend. Generally speaking, Michigan is a good Free Throw shooting team…

Bottom line: Michigan won a road conference game and put 5 guys in double figures. I call that a success and can’t wait for Penn State to visit on Tuesday… Go Blue!!



One thought on “Michigan Holds on in Lincoln

  1. I’m a basketball fan that feeds on information that fuels my love of the game.

    Wes would’ve delivered a stat filled very informative overview of the 40…He enlightens us with the team’s progress report, points out strengths and will breakdown position by position weaknesses that should be addressed prior to the upcoming games… I was looking forward to his take on the badger’s game. Would have been enjoyed by all!!!!
    A fan’s opinion….

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