Addressing a Touchy Subject..

Walking down the halls of Cass Tech, you see a lot of things.  You see large, clean glass pane windows that embrace the supports of the building.  You see perhaps the nicest school in the city of Detroit.  You also see talent.  In summary, a prestigious school with a prestigious history.

Cass Tech has long been one of the premier schools in the state of Michigan along with CC, Brother Rice, OLSM just to name a few.  Cass Tech, to Michigan fans is best known for producing talent and being a big time pipeline for the University of Michigan in the last 10 years.  With this piece though we turn to a Junior who as of yesterday, was fully committed to the Wolverines rival, the Michigan State Spartans.

Everybody in the state knows who Jayru Campbell is.  Since his freshman year, he has been noted as one of, if not the top recruit for the state of Michigan for the 2015 class.  It’s not everyday a freshman QB steps into the spotlight at one of the premier football powerhouses in the state of Michigan, and wins back to back state titles in his first two years.

With his early success, he gained notoriety quick.  With notoriety came college attention and with that came offers and a bit of inter city fame.  Campbell talks about this here in this video.

As he mentioned, some top schools around the country came calling and just a few months ago he committed to Mark Dantonio and the Michigan State Spartans.

Fast Forward to a cold blistery day in November, where Cass Tech is coming off a loss in the state semis against Detroit Catholic Central, a private all boys Catholic School, in Novi; and a CC team whom they had seen the last two years prior in the playoffs, causing them to be a big time rival for the Technicians.

Cass Tech would go on to lose that game.  Jayru Campbell would be sacked and stripped with 49 seconds left by CC S Jack Van Acker, as part of a 28-0 onslaught, propelling CC to the state title game.  After the game, during handshakes this happened..

After that scrum, later that day Jayru tweeted that his father had been arrested and seemingly everything was downhill for a kid who may be the most talented football player in the state of Michigan for the 2015 class.


Let me establish one thing, nobody leads an easy life.  Detroit has been a part of rough times and with that, comes a tough struggle for kids who have greater aspirations than working in a factory in the city.  There is a desire to often get out, because of some of the struggles for the city within.  More often than not, Detroit has been known for producing high school athletes on the scholastic level; not grades or ACT scores.  These athletes that are produced know what they need to do to be successful and know they must keep their grades up to back their talent up.  For Jayru, grades weren’t the problem.

***NOTE**** I am not calling Detroit a bad place to live, I actually think it is beautiful in it’s own way, I am just noting that often it is tough for kids to get out of the city and many have athletics to help them escape.

Jayru Campbell from my talks with him before is a damn nice kid with a lot of talent.  I personally believe, all speculation at this point, that he has been through hell the last couple months.  From the constant pressures to succeed, to his dad being out of his life, things have not been good outside of football and it is nearly enough for ANYONE to crack.

Jayru Campbell will know he messed up, he will know what happened when he gets out and deals with legal problems, and more likely than not, the loss of any major scholarship he has.  This doesn’t mean send cruel tweets to him such as calling him an idiot or making fun of the situation.  If anything, you need to be supportive of this young man right now.  His friends, his family needs to support him and help him get through this with guidance/  I also believe that people need to show support for the security guard who was hurt and nearly could have died.  All jokes aside the young man could have severely hurt the security guard.

You as a person should feel for both people.  You should feel for Jayru because he needs guidance, regardless of what happened.  This kid has been through absolute hell lately and is now even more under a microscope than before.  Must I remind you, this young man has been under a microscope since he won a state title as a freshman at one of the premier schools in the Midwest.  Everybody has begun to come together in support of him, and they need to be there for him and guide him down the right path. You should also feel for the security guard because in a tough inner city such as Detroit, it is dangerous.  *NO STEREOTYPES*  Also, this man could have been severely hurt, he could have perhaps died if his head would have cracked open.  With that, whatever caused this to happen should not have gotten this serious.  Nobody knows what led to this, but the proof is in the pudding for anybody.

According to a FOX 2 News report in Detroit, Campbell is in custody on assault and battery charges.


This situation is about much much more than just football.  This is about a young man who has talent that few posses, and seems to be struggling outside of it.  This kid does not need to see how he messed up on his TL or be called everything but his name.  It’s not necessary to do any of that.  Sure, this will be in the news, but people should be more concerned about the health of the security guard and the status of exactly what is going on in the mind of this young man.  This kid has all the talent in the world to be successful, and although people would think talent overrules everything, talent does not overrule a need for emotional help and support.  This situation is sick, painful, and sad all in one, but one thing for certain is that the last thing people should worry about is football.  People need to come and support him, not bash him disgustingly on Twitter, with comments I could never even fathom.  IT is not okay what he did.  That has been established.  After the legal matters he faces he needs guidance.

Life is about more than just football in this case, it is about a young man in need.



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