Getting to Know: 2016 LB Max Richardson III

As is the same with Coach Ferrigno, Coach Hecklinski has been making his nation wide recruiting trip, and yesterday one of his stops took place in Georgia at Woodward Academy to see 2016 LB prospect, and legacy recruit, Maximillian Richardson III.  For short, and from what Max said, we will stick with Max Richardson III.

HUDL profile and sophomore highlights are found here.

Before anything, it is important to note that his father, Max Richardson Jr. played at Michigan from 1974-1977 so he is indeed a legacy recruit.

Max comes in at 5’11 222lbs while being clocked at a 4.8 40 time, while he also noted that he is working to get the 40 time down.

Max is a smaller body at 5’11 but presents a rather strong frame while playing Middle Linebacker.

Max, among other things mentioned the following..

– Coach Hecklinski stopped by yesterday to extend an offer to camp this summer while also noting he was very interested in Max.

– Max has early intentions to visit Ann Arbor this summer with a group of his teammates.

– Max noted that he is highly intrigued by Michigan because of his father and LOVES Ann Arbor and the school itself.

– Max finished our conversation off by saying that if Michigan were to offer, they would instantly become his favorite.

From everything gathered, it seems as if Max is a fast rising prospect gaining more attention nationally each day.  He is a kid with a strong mind and one who has a high acumen level for football knowledge.  All things aside, Max is a talented prospect with all the room to grow and further groom himself as an elite prospect.  If an offer comes it could very well occur this summer before his junior season.  If Michigan does indeed offer Max, I would not feel as if I was venturing too far in saying that he could immediately commit to Michigan with hopes of following in his dad’s legacy and attending the school he loves.  Once he visits, Max is a name we all should keep our eyes on, especially due to the fact that he is a legacy recruit and a very hard hitting linebacker.


Getting to Know: 2016 LB Darrian Franklin

Coach Dan Ferrigno has recently been on the west coast, and he dropped in on 2016 OLB Darrian Franklin yesterday as part of his west coast swing.

Darrian measures in at 6’2 215 lbs while running a 4.7 in the forty, per himself.  From watching his film you note his dynamic athleticism, especially with the fact that he plays both sides of the ball in high school.

Hailing from Downey HS in Downey, CA, Franklin has established himself early on as a bonafide 4star prospect while being one of the most talented linebackers in the 2016 class.

Here is some of what Darrian had to say..

– On Ferrigno’s stop, he told Darrian that he was very interested in him and that an offer could come very soon, while also mentioning that he would love to have him up to Ann Arbor for camp this summer.

– Darrian says the two things he loves most about Michigan is the tradition that comes with the University and also the atmosphere every Saturday in the fall.

– Darrian also mentioned that he plans on getting up to see Michigan sometime next month.

– Darrian finally noted that if Michigan offers they for sure will be in his top list of schools and that he sees himself being a solid outside linebacker at the next level.

Darrian does not have a timetable early on, but is gaining interest from schools the likes of Michigan, UCLA, and USC.

With his size and speed Darrian is your prototypical OLB of today’s game with the possibility of being a high 4 star prospect by the end of his senior season.

From all it seems, if an offer does come forth from the Wolverines, it will come next month when he makes his visit, and if all goes as planned he will have Michigan as a top destination down the line, although USC and UCLA are hot on him, with USC possibly being his leader.

As is with any out of state prospect a visit is key, and if he can make his way to A2 sometime this summer, anything is possible.

Michigan stops by to see 2016 CB Treyjohn Butler

Earlier today, Michigan stopped in to Etiwanda HS in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to see top 2016 CB Treyjohn Butler.


At 5’11 189 lbs, Treyjohn is a CB with an above average frame, that early on has been rated as a 4 star by all the top services.  Treyjohn also offers an intriguing amount of speed at a 4.4 forty time per himself, contrary to the stated 4.64 that 247 has him clocked at.

Treyjohn is one of the top prospects out of California early on in the 2016 class and has been in contact with Coach Ferrigno.

Here is a bit of what he had to say..

– Michigan made first contact today and asked for a copy of his film.

– Coach Ferrigno said that the game plan as of now is to watch his film and that he will be back with him next week after a talk with Treyjohn’s head coach, and Treyjohn also mentioned that he is really hoping he can earn the offer, with the word coming on the possibility next week after Coach Ferrigno calls his head coach.

-Treyjohn said Michigan intrigues him because of the great Engineering program.

– He also mentioned that if Michigan were to offer, they would definitely be in his top 3 schools along with Stanford and Notre Dame.  He added that he would hope to make a visit to Ann Arbor sometime this summer as well.

Treyjohn is a kid who has gained a ton more attention as of late, and is one of the fastest rising players in the 2016 class from the western part of the country.  For me, I truly believe that if an offer does come, and Michigan can get Butler on campus, that they will have a bit of an inside track for his services and that it would come down to the wire.  Treyjohn says that he will be in contact with me later next week after Ferrigno speaks with his head coach.

Michigan offers 2015 ATH Javarius Davis


This afternoon, Michigan offered a top athlete out of Florida in 2015 star Javarius Davis.

Javarius comes in at 5’10, 179 lbs with even more growth projected.

Javrarius offers elite speed with a 4.47 40 time per 247 and is primarily being recruited as a RB.  His brother, Bryan Evans was a former safety at the University of Georgia.

As of now, the Crystal Ball on 247 has three predictions, all locked in as Georgia Tech for him.  I was fortunate enough to speak with him after the offer and here is a few things he mentioned.

– Javarius says he was shocked by the offer, and that Coach Hecklinski mentioned he really excites the staff and sees him as a dynamic athlete in the 2015 class.

– Javarius also mentioned that he is eager to learn more about Michigan and that he is already well aware of the tradition and rich history at Michigan.

-Javarius has no visit date set as of yet, but hopes to make it to Ann Arbor for a visit sometime this summer.

The Michigan offer was a bit of a surprise to him so it is tough to gauge whether or not Michigan will be a true competitor for his services, but it is important to note he is very intrigued by Michigan and what they have to offer.  If Michigan can get him on campus for a visit anything is possible.