In The Film Room: 2015 Class Projections

This is what I project of the 2015 class for this upcoming season. Just my opinions, players ranked from best to worst chance at playing time. The guy at the bottom of this list could start from day one. No one in 2014 would have predicted Mason Cole starting twelve games at left tackle. Anything can and will happen, this is just how I see it right now.

1. Andrew David
Projected Role: Starting Kicker
The Wolverines have a need here and I believe David will beat out sophomore Kyle Seychel with his big leg for kicking duties.

2. Brian Cole
Projected Role: Special Teams contributor
Cole’s athleticism, coupled with his play making and early enrollment will earn him playing time early. Cole will be a receiver for the wolverines and could get snaps there sooner than later.

3. Tyree Kinnel
Projected Role: Nickel/Dime back
While I believe Kinnel will be a strong safety, we simply do not need early help there. With that being said, Kinnel is one of the most ready commits in this class.

4. Tyrone Wheatley Jr.
Projected Role: Tight end
The kid is a monster, however we have a lot of talent and depth at tight end. TJ will have to beat out a upper classmen or see the field on certain multiple tight end packages. He is a rare talent.

5. Shelton Johnson
Projected Role: 3-4 package edge rusher
Johnson is a slight 225 at 6’5 and is very athletic for his size. I think they will keep him at this size as opposed to packing on twenty pounds and let him play standing up in Durkin’s multiple defense.

6. Keith Washington
Projected Role: Redshirt Corner
Washington has great size and athleticism and will certainly have an opportunity to see the field with there being a lack of experience or proven corners on the roster.

7. Alex Malzone
Projected Role: Third string QB (Redshirt)
Malzone has an opportunity to push for the starting quarterback job. He is the most ready of the freshman quarterbacks, and being enrolled already will only make the gap larger. However, I think ultimately Morris will win the job with Speight backing him up.

8.. Karan Higdon
Projected Role: Third down back/Offensive Weapon (Redshirt)
Higdon has the ability to do a lot of things for this offense, but he will have to make early leaps and bounds in fall camp to take time away from our already loaded backfield.

9. Grant Newsome
Projected Role: Redshirt Tackle
Newsome is the most ready of incoming lineman, but there is just too much depth on the roster for me to see him earning even garbage time snaps.

10. Zach Gentry
Projected Role: Redshirted Quarterback
The big armed QB is at a major disadvantage not being enrolled early. He will have to climb a mountain to see playing time this season, although I do see him having a promising future.

11. Grant Perry
Projected Role: Slot Receiver (Redshirt)
Perry is a great addition to this class, and will have a chance to earn PT without there being a proven WR core. In my opinion there is a boat load of talent at receiver, most of which Perry would have to leapfrog in order to see time.

12. Reuben Jones
Projected Role: 4-3 Defensive End (Redshirted)
Jones will have to pack on a few pounds during his freshman season in order to play with his hands in the dirt in the B1G. I do not think Jones has the athleticism of a Shelton Johnson to play standing up or right away.

13. Jon Runyan Jr
Projected Role: Redshirted Guard
Runyan is a mauler up front, but as is the case with Newsome there is just too much depth for him to overcome in order to see PT as a freshman

14. Nolan Ulizio
Projected Role: Redshirted Tackle
Ulizio will benefit from a year of learning and getting in the weight room.