Mike Weber Situation with OSU

This will be quick, but offering my thoughts even though technically he is now a Buckeye.

As we all know Mike was down to OSU and Michigan and OSU put on a full scale late midnight push to keep him.

Not to mention the addition of star Karan Higdon.

Mike went on to sign with OSU but you could see it in his face on that day, he wasn’t ready. He didn’t know fully where he wanted to go.

He later signed with OSU but now with 24 hours removed from the pen to paper exchange, OSU RB’s coach Stan Drayton has left for the NFL without Mike having prior knowledge.

I feel awful for Mike. He was a great kid to interview and meet and someone who for the most part remains quiet and close to himself. This is terrible to see, and ultimately hurts even more from a recruiting perspective because Michigan could have told him this, had they known much like UGA with Roquan Smith.

Early on the top possibility, if he were to choose to transfer would be to break the NLI and file a report with the NCAA and apply for a waiver, even though it could possibly result in him sitting out a year.

This is surely a story to keep an eye on.


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