KJ Costello: Michigan Man?

This piece is something I’ve been meaning to touch on for weeks now, and with some down time the duty calls.

KJ Costello, out of Santa Margarita, CA is by all accounts the top prospect for the Wolverines at quarterback for the 2016 cycle.  While offers have been going out for the last few weeks to other quarterbacks, Costello is the one person that has remained a constant target over the last calendar year.

With Brandon Peters high interest in Michigan, the timeline has changed for Costello in my mind, and I feel like this is why Costello will end up at Michigan and also I touch on the reasons and effect that he would have.


-Just as a I mentioned before, Costello had planned on taking a visit during the spring time.  That is, until Brandon Peters picked up a Michigan offer a mere 10 days ago and he immediately said that Michigan led for him.  This falls in direct correlation with the recruitment of Costello.  After Peters made that announcement, 247’s Steve Lorenz spoke with Costello and KJ said that he plans on taking a visit to Ann Arbor within the NEXT TWO WEEKS.  Add to that  the fact that KJ plans on bringing along his father, and you have a brewing commit watch ensuing.  KJ Costello nearly committed to Michigan last summer at the Michigan camp, but held off to not make a decision off purely emotion.  With Jim Harbaugh in the fold and a top rate coaching staff to boot, his interest has skyrocketed and Michigan fans, and other recruits have taken notice.

-The next reason is indeed, Jim Harbaugh himself.  KJ Costello grew up watching Jim and his dominance at both Stanford and in the NFL with the 49ers.  For those of you who don’t know, Jim Harbaugh brought upon a rockstar appeal in California while coaching these two entities.  He reversed their fortunes in months and created powerhouses at the two highest levels of football in the world today.  Costello took notice, and saw this growing up.  Harbaugh, is also one of the best at developing QB’s in all of football.  At Stanford, he took a gangly Andrew Luck and made him a number one pick and laid the groundwork for a player who would go on to now be one of the top 5 QB’s in the NFL.  At San Francisco, Jim developed Colin Kaepernick from a mid round pick into one of the elite playmakers in the league while inheriting one of the highest grossing contracts for a QB in recent league memory.  The fact isn’t that he is an elite coach, the fact is that he has a knack for developing quarterbacks unlike any other and KJ Costello knows that.


-KJ Costello would be the first person from the west coast to commit to Michigan under Harbaugh and would be the first of many, in a revived pipeline out of the west coast.  If KJ were to commit the Michigan brand would be revived on the west coast and with the host of players that Michigan is targeting on the west coast, you can be assured Michigan would be able to reinvigorate their roster with the elite speed and playmaking ability that you can find on the west coast, while building a connection to players that Michigan hasn’t recruited or even been in the neighborhoods of since the Lloyd Carr era.

-KJ Costello would follow the past roles of Shane Morris, Wilton Speight, and Alex Malzone in being the leader of the class.  KJ could and would have the ability to help Michigan land many of the top prospects they are targeting, including close friends and homegrown brethren, Theo Howard, David Long, and top WR target, Dylan Crawford.  If Michigan was able to land them, their roster would have a huge boost in terms of pure athleticism and bring a new era of playmakers to Ann Arbor that Michigan fans haven’t seen in years.

KJ Costello Is a natural born leader both on and off the field.  He has a great makeup as a QB and an even better makeup off the field in the classroom and in the community.  His name is one that Michigan fans that follow recruiting have known for nearly two years  and if all goes as planned on his upcoming visit, do not be surprised if he beats Brandon Peters to the punch  for the 2016 class QB spot while also building foundation for the best recruiting class in recent Michigan memory.



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