In The Film Room: 2015 Receiver Grant Perry

Name: Grant Perry
Class: 2015
Position: Receiver
Height: 6’0
Weight: 185

Grant Perry comes to Michigan by the way of perennial power Birmingham Brother Rice, where he was teammates with Michigan QB Alex Malzone. Perry is a 24/7 composite three star, ranked as the 112th receiver in the nation. Holding offers from seven of twelve MAC schools, as well as Indiana, Northwestern and U of M. In early December 2014, Perry committed to Northwestern, but flipped to U of M late in the process after the hiring of Jim Harbaugh. Perry won two state titles at BBR, and has quite the chemistry with Alex Malzone. I feel that Perry is one of the most under rated prospects in the mid west, and is a great get for the Wolverines. He will be enrolled starting this summer.

Projected Position: Receiver/Return Man
Body: A
While standing at only 6’0 and weighing under 200 pounds, an “A” may seem high, but I am grading Perry as a slot receiver. Under Brady Hoke, Michigan recruited big, strong pro style receivers, often over 6’2 and 200 pounds, and I expect coach Harbaugh to keep up with this trend. With the tall & lanky play makers on the outside, its almost set in stone to see players of Perry’s size on the inside. Perry is big enough to make a living over the middle of the field, but also small enough to weave his way in and out of defenders.

Speed/Acceleration: B+
Perry has decent speed, but he is not a world beater. If you press him off the line and he gets s step on you, you’ll have to work your tail off to regain that ground you lost but it’s not impossible. Perry’s acceleration is more of his forte than top end speed. Great footwork off the line will get him open whether he is pressed or has a cushion to work with. He knows where he is going, and he gets there sooner rather than later. Its not like he gets caught from behind all the time but something that keeps him from pulling away from defenders is his short stride at 6’0. When returning kicks, Perry will use angles and his vision of running lanes to get to the end zone, not pure speed.

Athleticism/Quickness: B+
Different category with the same result. Perry has more than above average athleticism but you wont find him winning any SPARQ combines. Perry does have great footwork, whether its beating a DB off the line or getting his feet down to make a sideline or end zone grab, Perry demonstrates great control over his feet. He has the stop and go ability to break off his route, catch the ball and get up to go again before a defender will reach him. Perry cannot match the pure athleticism that you’ll see from some 5 Star top 10 recruit, but he more than has the tools to get the job done in the slot as well as returning kicks. I would not classify Perry as a slasher, someone who will juke you out of your shoes nor is he a one cut and get vertical guy. Perry has “Wiggle in his hips” and is slippery. Subtle change of direction while not losing speed or losing ground is how Perry makes you miss.

Route Running/Hands: A
Perry’s route running is some of the best I have seen at this level. His football IQ is off the charts. His speed is not world class, nor is his athleticism, and while Perry is aware of that, it doesn’t stop him from beating every corner he faced in high school. Perry is extremely savvy and aware. If you press him off the line, he’ll use the DB’s leverage against him, getting the DB to open his hips and then putting his foot in the dirt and getting separation. When Perry has a cushion, he’ll simply take what is given to him, which is often a quick slant, quick out, hitch or stop route. Based off of pre snap alignment, Perry knows what coverage he’s going against and will use it to his advantage. Perry has good hands as well, as you wont see him catch the ball with his body very often. For only being 6’0, he is also adequate at high pointing the ball and keeping it away from defenders. The thing that Perry does best is double moves, Out-N-Up or the Slant-N-Go’s are just DEADLY for Perry & Co.

Overall: B+
Grant Perry had the luxury of playing with some of the best talent in the state of Michigan at one of the top football programs in all of the Midwest during his high school career. He played alongside other Division one athletes his entire career, including Michigan Quarterback Alex Malxone. Perry was extremely productive during his varsity career, winning two state titles. Perry is a winner, and knows what it takes to come out on top. When watching his tape, Perry reminds me of Jeremy Gallon. Sneaky speed, great running vision, awesome route running skills and good return ability. Perry will not be on campus until this summer which will set him back, and the depth at slot receiver also put him behind the eight ball. The only way I see Perry avoiding a red shirt this year is if he can beat out Bo Dever, Freddy Canteen or Dennis Norfleet. His best bet at this time is making a living on special teams, although I think that is still a long shot. Perry is a great in state get for Harbaugh and his staff and Im excited to see what he an do in the future.