Why Jaylen Brown May Be Higher On Michigan Than We Think

Jaylen Brown, the 6’6 2015 superstar and heralded top recruit appears to be nearing an outcome with his recruitment.  Brown, by way of Michigan, yet living in Georgia has drawn hefty interest from Michigan as of late. He made his first visit to Ann Arbor just over a week ago and came away more impressed than many may have imagined.

Brown brought a plethora of his family with him on his visit and walked away with heavy remarks for Michigan and John Beilein.

Let’s establish one thing first: Jaylen Brown will be a stud regardless of which school he chooses. Brown coming off a dominant senior season and a McDonald’s All American nomination, has been ranked as high as the 2nd best recruit in the nation. The kid is a stud and someone who can change the entire makeup of a team.

I mentioned on Twitter I feel Michigan has a better chance than many imagine and here’s why.

1) The Fit.

Jaylen Brown would be a dynamite fit in the Beilein offense.  He would immediately start and contribute for a team that could have late March aspirations next year. Brown could play either the 3 or the 4 and bring a presence that takes Michigan to the next level.  His ability to get to the basket while also nailing the mid range jump shot is second to none. His playmaking ability is something this team lacks. Even if Caris stays, Brown could step in and become the primary offensive scorer that Michigan hasn’t had since Trey Burke. A lineup with these two players would be too 5 in the preseason easily.

2) His parents

From the quotes and the family pull that we know off, it appears as if his parents want him here.  They would feel comfortable sending him to Ann Arbor and also the degree is something his parents may see as a great fall back after basketball.  After a minor traffic misdemeanor, Brown faced some bashing from local pundits but in his interviews you see just how well carried and well spoken this young man is. 

The hints are also there for those of you that have been in tune.

In an interview with Evan Daniels of Scout he talks about Michigan very favorably going as far as saying Michigan will be in the front runner of things. He used the word genius to describe John Beilein and noted just how good Michigan is as a school. It even raised attention from fans of rival schools leading them to believe he may be leaning towards Michigan. Even Kentucky fans.  Just do a Twitter search for his name and you’ll see the remarks from the contending fans.

Brian Snow also added on ($) that he believes Michigan is in the top two for Brown and that was also mentioned by Sam Webb. Yes the Sam Webb who is the godfather of all things Michigan recruiting. Although the two failed to give the other name of the team also in his top two, the fact that two major writers said this means business for Michigan and Brown.

 When mentioning NBA draft entries, two schools come to mind that are contending for his services, Kentucky and Michigan. This is who I presume to be his true top two schools.

In his story with Daniels he also went on to say how he has to wait and see and that if his favorite team has no players leave for the NBA that he could make his decision earlier. If you ask me that falls directly in line with Michigan. He and Caris both play the same roles as players and even if Caris stays Michigan could slide Brown to the 3 or 4 spot next to Zak Irvin. 

The end all be all is this. Michigan is in a very good spot for Brown, far better than we all thought. His story and quotes fall in line with everything Michigan seems to be offering at this point and everything Michigan could provide for him.

At the end of the day, he may very well choose Kentucky and the Calipari system that gets guys to the league in mirror moments. But my gut feeling is that he may be leaning towards Michigan a bit more than we expected and that he could very well end up in Ann Arbor come this August.  

Attached below is his recent quote on the maize and blue. Stay tuned Michigan fans, our odds for the hoops squad could be looking up very, very soon.



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