Getting To Know: Drake Harris

His junior highlights thanks to 247 sports.

Drake Harris is the complete package.

Drake Harris is a beast.

Drake Harris is the top reciever in the nation IMO.

Drake Harris is arguably the top reciever in the nation.  At 6’3 175 (Scout) Drake has all the abilities and assets any coach looks for in a reciever.  He can beat you with his speed, he can go over you and catch the ball, he can turn a 2 yard pass into an 80 yard TD, he is the complete package like I mentioned.

For some time now he has been committed to MSU but with all the speculation and recent interest his recruitment has reopened.  Seems like almost every school in the nation is after this kid, and from watching his film it is pretty clear why.  He broke the record for recieving yards in a season for Michigan high school football this past fall and has even greater visions in mind.

Earlier tonight I was able to chat with Drake and here is what he had to say..

-Reopened Recruitment?, “Yes I have reopened my recruitment.  It has been reopened since I decided that I will JUST be playing football at the next level.”

-Schools being considered, “Michigan, MSU, OSU, Florida, Alabama, ND, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Georgia.  For me all schools are even.”

-Thoughts on Michigan, “They are a great school and it is in state.  They have a great coaching staff, great tradition, and really nice facilities.  Not to mention an awesome education.”

-Visit, “I might be up there in two weeks, on the 24th.”

-Talks with Wilton Speight, “He has been telling me that he wants a top reciever like myself to throw to.  He wants to stay in touch and he said that he wants to hopefully meet up with me and throw with me the next time he is up there.”

At this point Drake does not have a set decision date, especially with the fact that schools are in contact with him very nearly every day.  His recruitment has really picked up as of late and should continue on that way.

IMO there is great interest in Michigan from Drake.  He seems to like everything that Michigan has to offer and the fact that Wilton Speight is already in his ear should bode well for the Wolverines.

Drake along with Malik McDowell are arguably the two top players both in the state and also in the country.  If Michigan can land Tommy Doles I feel that would also really help Michigan’s chances.  If he is truly only interested in football I see his top list coming down to Michigan, ND, OSU, and Alabama with Florida close behind.

Drake is a 5* talent, no questions asked and is a game changer.  Harris is that top reciever Coach Hoke has been looking for the last two years and would instantly step in and make an impact.  If Drake gets up for a visit later this month I should speak with him shortly there after.

Overall I say Michigan has a very good chance at landing Drake.  I view him as another MUST HAVE for Michigan in the 2014 class.  With Michigan only having 14 more spots open, Drake would be a perfect addition to the class.  We will be staying in touch with Drake as his recruitment goes on. Stay tuned to and as always, GO BLUE!


Getting To Know: Malik McDowell

His highlights from a game from this past season, no season highlights of him on the web.


That is exactly what Malik McDowell is at the age of 16.  He is a man among boys.  To further specify, he is a beastly specimen at the age of 16.

As many of you may know, Malik McDowell is arguably the top DE in the country, and he along with Drake Harris may very well be the best player in the state of Michigan.  At 6’6, 300 lbs (Scout) He has the build to play at the college level right now.  From watching just the game clips above you take note of a few things.  1) He can make plays.  Malik can beat any blocking scheme in the blink of an eye and is fast off the line.  2) He is one strong kid.  He WILL run you over if your in his way and completely destroys the QB, engulfing him with rage and brute power.

With Lawrence Marshall off the board, Malik has almost turned into a must get for Michigan fans with this class.  I mean, hell, could you imagine a D Line haul with both him and Da’Shawn Hand?  You could not top that.  Yes, Michigan fans, this is a very realistic option this year.

Earlier tonight I had the opprtunity to speak with Malik and here is what he had to say..

-Schools he has been hearing from the most, “I would say recently I have been mostly hearing from OSU, ND, Michigan, and MSU.  Those schools are also the schools I should be visiting soon.”

-Thoughts on Michigan, “I like the fact that a bunch of my old teamates play there.  At Michigan I would feel very comfortable and the camaraderie would be there.  The coaches are awesome and the tradition there is also spectacular.”

-Visit, “A lot of schools have been on me about making visits.  For me, all I know is that I will be making a visit soon.  I don’t really plan when I visit, it just kind of happens when I am able to.”

-Decision Date, “I will make my committment when I feel the time is right.  No set timetable for me but when I have found the school that I feel is right for me, than I will announce.”

-Strengths and Weaknesses, “I have great anticipation on the field, a good football IQ.  My size is also a strength, it really helps me make plays.  I would say I need to work on my technique, especially with the 4 point stance and overall my positioning on the line.”

-What he is looking for in a school, “Education is most important.  I want to be able to win and grow as a person and a player at whichever college I commit to.”

Malik also later went on to say that he is undecided with which AA game he will play in.  He also plans on majoring in Business or broadcasting.

Malik is a well spoken young man who obviously is also a premier talent on the field.  Malik IMO would be one of the biggest defensive commits for Michigan in recent memory.  The kid is a top talent and is top on the board for Hoke and company.

At this point I feel like Michigan sits very well with Malik.  In the long run I see it coming down to OSU, ND, and Michigan, due to the fact that he really wants to succeed and also get a top education.  The interest is mutual between both parties and IMO as time goes on I wouldn’t be surprised if Malik ended up at Michigan.  He would see time early for the Wolverines and would make an instant impact.  That being said he says all schools are even.  As time goes on I will be staying in touch with Malik as you should be keeping your eye on our site for any updates.

Malik is a must get for Michigan IMO and arguably the top DE in the country.  Stay tuned as time goes on in his recruitment and as always, GO BLUE!

Getting To Know: Dwight Williams

^His Junior Highlights

Coach Hoke was very adamant in getting a fast start on the 2014 class today.  He made a bunch of calls and one went out to CA LB Dwight Williams.

At 6’2, 212 lbs (Rivals) Dwight is easily a top LB in the state of California and also the nation for the 2014 class.  On tape you see his speed and athleticism.  He can make plays at any time and is everywhere on the field.  Basically drawing interest from all over the country, Dwight is a highly touted recruit already.  Hell, today he picked up 4 offers alone.

Shortly after his offer today, I was able to speak with Dwight.  I gathered his thoughts on several things about his recruitment and here is what he had to say..

-Schools that are after his services, “Alabama, Michigan, and Tennessee are a few of the many schools that I have been in contact with.”

-What the Michigan offer means to him, “It truly means a lot to me.  It is a blessing and Michigan is definitely a school that I will further have to look into the program.”

-What he likes about Michigan, “Michigan is a school with great tradition and history.  I like Michigan a lot too.  The education is good and it is a place I can go to and focus on life and football and my studies.”

-Will he make a trip to AA soon, “I will speak with my parents soon about this and than let you know.”

-On whether distance plays a role in his thought process, “Not at all actually.  I am just looking for a place that has a great education, good coaches, an oppurtunity to play early and somewhere I can succeed and focus.”

-When he plans on making his decision, “I hope to make my decision at the 2014 US Army All American Game.”

Dwight will be a highly sought after recruit in the next year and at this point his recruitment could lead anywhere.  He seems to really like Michigan at this point and seems to be fascinated with everything that is Michigan.  As is the key with many out of state recruits, the key for Michigan will be getting him on campus for a visit.  If that happens than his interest could grow greatly and grow into a possible commitment.

His recruitment is wide open at this point and the sky is the limit in terms of his potential.  As his process carries on we will be staying in touch.  He has a great sense of humor and is a great attitude in any locker room.  Stay tuned to for the latest with Dwight.


Getting To Know: Shai McKenzie

Junior Year Highlights of Shai McKenzie ^

Big, Fast, Strong.  These are just three of the many words that can be used to describe 2014 Washington, PA RB Shai McKenzie.

At 6 ft, 210 lbs Shai McKenzie is arguably one of the best RB’s in the Midwest for the 2014 class.  He has the perfect combination of ability which create an absolute freak on the field.. (IN A GOOD WAY).  Shai is one of my personal 2014 RB’s because he can hurt you with both his speed and strength.  His versatility is key and a very potent part of his game.

Earlier today, McKenzie picked up a Michigan offer and I was fortunate enough to gather some of his thoughts on both Michigan and his own game..

-On schools recruiting him the hardest, “I would say Pitt at this point in time.  I really don’t have a group of leaders right now.”

-On what the Michigan offer means to him, “It is a big deal!  Michigan is a very good program and I am highly interested.  I don’t know too much about them right now but I hope to look into Michigan.”

-On what he likes about Michigan, “I love the pro style offense and the coaches are great!”

-On a trip to AA, “I am not too sure yet, but hopefully I can make it up there soon.”

-Strengths and weaknesses in his own words, “I have a great burst of explosion and I am very versatile.  I feel I need to work on creating space in tight areas.”

Shai also went on to mention that he hopes to make his decision some time next January at an All American game.

Shai is a dynamic player with several great facets to his game.  Everytime he touches the ball, he is a threat to score.  His speed is elite at such a great size and can burn you at any moment.

Shai and I plan on staying in touch as his recruitment progresses.  If he is able to get on campus, don’t be surprised if Michigan rises in his eyes and list of schools.

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Getting To Know: Andrew Williams

^The Above is a link to his sophomore highlights.

BEAST.  This is the one word you think of when you think Andrew Williams.  At 6’4 he may very well be one of the top DE’s in the 2014 class with the likes of Malik McDowell and D’Shawn Hand.

From watching his film you see his dynamic ability to play both sides of the ball and the barbaric play he features.  He runs you over on both sides of the ball and hardly is stopped.  He has all the tools to be a top prospect overall and could very well fit the Terrell Suggs mold that Coach Mattison has mentioned to him.

Earlier today Drew spoke with Coach Mattison and I was able to catch up with him shortly after his chat with Michigan.  Here are some of his thoughts at this point in time…

-On What Schools are recruiting him the hardest at this point in time, “There is actually a lot of schools recruiting me pretty hard man.  Michigan, GA Tech, Georgia, Clemson, South Carolina, Florida, FSU, LSU, and ND just to name a few.”

-His thoughts on Michigan, “I really like Michigan.  I like the defensive scheme they run and the coaches are awesome!”

-On his interest in Michigan, “I am very interested.  I look forward to getting up there on a visit this summer and getting to know the school better.”

-A key strength and weakness in his game, in his own words, “I would say I have great strength along with good speed and a great set of moves.  There is always room to improve.  I would say I need to improve on my play against double teams.”

As for mentioned, Andrew plans on making a trip up to Ann Arbor this summer.  Although it is early in his recruitment, I feel Michigan could pose a threat to the host of SEC teams after his talents.  He seems to love what Coach Mattison has to say and has the potential to become the Terrell Suggs of the Michigan defense.

Andrew is arguably one of the best players down south in the 2014 class and appears to have some legit Michigan interest.  He is an animal on the field and also a very nice young man off of it.  As time goes on I will stay in touch with Andrew as his recruitment progresses!


Getting To Know: Parrker Westphal

^ a link to his sophomore highlights.

Parrker Westphal is arguably one of the top talented recruits in the 2014 class in the secondary.  Not too mention, he is rather high on Michigan.  For a few months now, Parrker has been a top target on Michigan’s board and the interest is mutual.

At 6 ft, 175 (Scout) Parrker is a big corner who is a definite playmaker.  From watching his film, you see a few things. 1) He is a corner who knows how to tackle.  Often, a lot of top high school cornerbacks, don’t always wrap up but hitting high or low Parrker always executes in top form with his tackling.  He drives you back and wraps you up.  He also is able to make plays and hit step up in the backfield and make a TFL. 2) Parrker is very athletic.  He can make plays on both run and pass plays.  He reads the offense nicely and knows where to be on every play.

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to chat with Parrker and ask him a few questions on his recruitment.  Without further a do, here is my short interview with Parrker Westphal..

-On what schools stand out to him, “I currently have no leaders at this point.  All my offers stand out evenly.”

-His thoughts on Michigan, “It is a prestigious school, that has a strong academic program, great fanbase, and great athletic facilities.  They have ALOT to offer.”

-On whether the fact that his position coach, played for Michigan has an effect on his view on Michigan, “A very positive effect, but nothing too huge.”

-On a decision date. “I currently do not have a set decision date, but I would prefer to make my commitment sooner rather than later.”

-Strengths and Weaknesses of his game, in his own words, “Being physical at the point of attack and big play defender.  I feel I need to work on everything in my game, you can never be too good at something. I need to work on getting stronger, faster and quicker. Perfecting my technique and footwork. Trusting my eyes.”

-A possible visit to AA. “I plan on making it up there sometime next month.”

Parrker is a very genuine young man who is smart both on and off the field.  He is a top talent at this stage and knows that everyday is an oppurtunity for growth.  Although he says that he has no leaders, I firmly believe that Michigan does hold a slight advantage.  Sam Webb, with his work, has also added to my belief.

I could see Parrker announcing his commitment before his senior season, and as for now, I feel that Michigan sits very well for his services.  I will stay in touch with him as time goes on.  Michigan could soon gain one of the top CB’s in the country soon.

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