Head to Head Battles: Jimmie Swain v. Noah Furbush

This episode of Head to Head Battles takes a look at the linebacker picture of two potential commits in Jimmie Swain and Noah Furbush. Darrion Owens is also a real possibility to fill the third linebacker position, but he was just recently profiled here. Dwight Williams is another name in the mix, but appears to be more of a middle linebacker as opposed to Jimmie and Noah. This version of Head to Head Battles will look similar to the last one with several categories that each have a winner, with an overall winner selected at the end. If you want to leave any tips or critiques on this newly introduced piece, feel free to address the message board or Twitter at @nickBBR. Continue reading “Head to Head Battles: Jimmie Swain v. Noah Furbush”


Head to Head Battles: Kalen Ballage v. Jonathan Hilliman

Over the past couple months Michigan has been starting to really see the fruits of their labor blossom, and that has resulted in a class that has ballooned up to 11 members for the class of 2014. While no one is complaining about the recent successes, there haven’t really been too many new faces to profile since the Wolverines have been getting many of their first choices, and are still in on some very highly touted prospects. That coupled with the general recruiting nature of college football in the summer has led to a decrease of new information to cover, and therefore propelled my Twitter ramblings into reality. I introduce to you, the pilot episode of “Head to Head Battles.” Continue reading “Head to Head Battles: Kalen Ballage v. Jonathan Hilliman”